Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner


Maine Bar Number 3934


  • Maine Maritime Academy (Castine, Maine)
    B.S. Nautical Science, 1982
    Third Mate unlimited tonnage, all oceans - 1982
    Second Mate unlimited tonnage, all oceans - 1984
  • Tulane Law School (New Orleans, LA)
    Juris Doctor - 1988
    Phelps, Dunbar Moot Court Competition - First Place
    Tulane Criminal Law Clinic


  • State of Maine
  • United States District Court (Federal)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (Federal)
  • United States Supreme Court(Federal)


  • NHSTA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Proficiency Certification (2005)
  • Intoxilyzer 5000 Certified Operator and Maintenance Technician (2005)


  • National College of DUI Defense
  • Maine State Bar Association
  • Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Maine Trial Lawyers Association
  • York County Bar Association
  • Maine Motor Transport Association
  • Transportation Lawyers Association


  • Visiting Nurse Association of America - Board Member
  • Home Health Visiting Nurses - Board Member
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines Maritime Education Counsel


  • You are an artiste

    Scott, I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have been defended by an attorney of your caliber, competence, ability and qualifications. The complete and total relief that I felt when the decision was rendered was unbelievable. I have read and assimilated every newspaper article that was ...
  • A DUI/OUI Mess

    An unjust arrest for sitting in a parked car with ignition off talking on my telephone. The officer took me under DUI arrest and I have never had any violation in my vehicle whatsoever. I new no crime had been committed but I also knew that this was a serious offense and would need professional h...
  • Excellent Service

    Recently we had the need to use Scott's services and I was extremely pleased with the way he handled our case. We were kept informed at each step of the process. Scott explained exactly what would happen and clearly explained his outcome for the resolution of the charge. Once in court he was ver...
  • Successful OUI Defense

    i provided Scott necessary documentation in my defense which was presented by Scott prior to pretrial to the DA and the OUI was dismissed before pretrial. The DA contacted Scott and told him that she couldn't remember the last time a case was dismissed so early in the process. I also never had my...
  • Very Personable and Professional

    Scott did a great job representing me at a reasonable cost. He always responded quickly to any questions I had (even on a weekend). I would use and recommend him.
  • This lawyer saved my career

    Where do I begin? Scott is a miracle worker! In a series of unfortunate events I was facing my second OUI. The consequences were very serious and could have changed the course of my life. I was facing a 3 year license suspension and possible jail time. I would have had to quit my job and throw aw...
  • Thoughtful, helpful and compelling

    Scott Gardner paid great attention to the details of my case and used broad knowledge of the law and process of the law to leverage the best results in court. It is important for your success to employ the scope of knowledge and experience that this lawyer will leverage in your case. You do not w...
  • Highly recommended

    Attorney Gardner represented me on an OUI charge in southern Maine. From the onset, I was put at ease by his knowledge and experience. Having handled numerous similar cases in the past, Attorney Gardner was able to confidently and honestly answer my many questions throughout the legal process. I ...
  • OUI

    Scott Gardner was a savior! So knowledgeable and helpful and got me the best deal possible. It is clear that he is well respected, and with good reason. Thank you, Mr. Gardner!
  • dui case

    My case involved a possible 90 day admin suspension and a dui on my driving record. Thanks to Scott neither of those happened. My outcome was very satisfactory and I highly recommend Scott and Pam (his legal assistant) !
  • Highly Recommended

    After suffering from an injury due to the negligence of a employee at a hardware store, I dreaded the very thought of going through the process of submitting a claim. There were many uncertain possibilities in my mind in regards to the direction of my claim and how far it could possibly go. Scott...
  • Very Good Decision

    5 stars is no exaggeration. Mr. Gardner is who you want representing you if you find your self with an OUI. Mr. Gardner pushes for the best possible outcome. He will also guide you throughout the whole somewhat complicated process. It was clear that he knew what he was talking about and has been ...
  • Out-of-state OUI defense

    I was visiting ME and ended up with an OUI. After speaking with several other attorneys, I chose Scott. He and his assistant were very professional and always accessable. Scott was able to get my charge lowered to a lesser offense so I was able to avoid losing my license. He made a horrible situa...
  • Scott Gardner/ Excellent Attorney

    My husband contacted Scott Gardner after falsely being accused of assault. I found him to be very personable and was immediately at ease. He was prompt in returning telephone calls and emails. He kept us informed throughout the process, answering our many questions and concerns time and time agai...
  • Great representative for any legal matter

    With any given case there is only so much wiggle room. In my case, I didn't give Mr. Gardner too much to work with; however he managed to negotiate things down to a much more reasonable charge. All said and done I was very happy with how things went.

    I can't describe the inner feeling of peace when the right attorney is defending a case. I was in a dazed, confused, and lost state of mind filled with sleepless nights and shocked by allegations brought against me. I did not know what to do or where to turn. Only the faith of god put me into the...
  • OUI defense

    I had Scott for a lawyer in 2012 and he defened me in a drunk driving case (second offense). Scott did a great job in making the process as easy as he could for me and came forthwith what he said he could deliver for the outcome. I have gotten my driver's lisence back as of 7/2/2015 with no issues.
  • Couldn't have asked for more

    After "shopping" for a lawyer I came across Scott Gardener. He called me right back and gave me an in depth consult over the phone. For the first time I felt a lawyer wasn't trying to take me for all my money knowing I was vulnerable being out of state and having no knowledge of Maine laws. From ...
  • OUI case.

    Scott helped me with OUI case and He did the best for me and then we won that case.He is one incredible.
  • Practical & Effective

    Scott made an incredibly scary and confusing situation much clearer for me. He and his admin Pam were very responsive and helpful answering all of my questions. I live out of state and Scott worked with me by phone around my schedule as needed. He is practical, efficient, understanding and gets y...
  • Wife in DUI case

    I want to start off with saying how amazing Scott was in my husband's trial for a DUI. As his wife, I was nervous and unfamiliar with the process of how to go about choosing a lawyer and how the case itself was going to go. Scott always made me feel comfortable and always made sure that my husban...
  • DUI case

    I was recently charged with a DUI in Maine. I found Scott online while searching for DUI lawyers. Once I contacted Scott, he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I decided to meet with him and could tell he was very dedicated to his work and was ready to take on my case. His communication...
  • Scott D Gardner , an experienced compassionate attorney with backbone and credibility.

    Scott made a complete assessment of the situation and addressed the issues by putting me at ease. He radiated positive energy and continued his responsive communication over the course of several weeks with a sense of command , offering support and a rare level of deep trust . Anyone would be wel...
  • Success/ Integrity

    Prompt communication, honesty, trust, realistic outcomes, negotiations skills and overall integrity are words to describe Scott Gardner. He did not promise unrealistic expectations but provided hope in dealing with a very difficult and complicated case. His experience and contacts lead to a succe...
  • Beyond Expectations

    I recently hired Scott as my attorney for a OUI case in Cumberland County. As I had requested, my case was settled in a few months and the outcome was better than I thought was possible. I consulted other attorneys in the area, but they only told me of worst case scenario's and unbelievable high ...
  • Best result possible

    Scott was helpful, polite, & very respectful throughout the entire process. I truly believe he achieved the best possible result for my case.
  • OUI Case

    Hands down the best lawyer I have ever worked with would highly recommend. Scott won my case and I never even had to make an appearance in court if you have an OUI conviction there is no better attorney to handle your case
  • OUI dismissed

    From the early fact finding meetings through the resolution; Mr. Gardner handled my case with professionalism and to my complete satisfaction. He clearly answered my questions and provided me with my options and sound advice through the entire process. Mr. Gardner responded promptly and followed ...
  • Wonderful to work with

    Scott is highly personable, easy to contact, and above all, effective. From initial consultation through the last phases of the court process he was always clear and direct as to what needed to be done and how to achieve the best possible result. For me, this was having no charges whatsoever. I w...
  • Thanks

    He helped me out a lot with case. The biggest thing, do what they say to do. Considering what was charged against me I made out OK. Thanks
  • OUI Defense

    I hired Scott Gardner to represent me in an OUI. My job revolves around driving, so an OUI conviction would be a very big problem. Scott was very professional and his office staff (Sharon) also professional, but very calming when we spoke.When I first spoke with Scott, he outlined the OUI process...
  • OUI Charge Dismissed - & no criminal conviction

    I was charged with an OUI in Buxton, ME in 2015 and hired Scott Gardner on a friend's advice. Scott walked me through each step in the legal proceedings, from my initial hearing through until my charges were dismissed (following a deferred disposition period), all while avoiding any criminal conv...
  • Best outcome possible

    Let me preface this review by saying that I never had occasion to hire an attorney in the past and had no idea what to look for or where to start. Scott Gardner's website was informative and provided a great deal of information into the DUI process and is the reason I contacted him. From day one ...
  • My Trial Attorney

    I retained Scott Gardner as my attorney after facing a false accusation from a former student. For the past year, leading up to a jury trial, Scott studied my case inside and out. I am sure that Scott spent many sleepless nights due to my case, and it was clear that he knew every aspect of it whe...
  • OUI

    Scott represented me in an OUI offence in which he was able to get the charge reduced to reckless conduct. I was represented me both in court and at the DMV. Scott was very professional during the entire process. He was careful not to over promise an outcome. All and all I was very satisfied with...
  • Saying this man is amazing will not do him justice!

    My son was arrested in Maine and charged with OUI. Attorney Gardner reviewed the evidence and was very confident in his ability to if not clear my son, plea the charge down. I was totally pessimistic due to it seems law enforcement is always believed. The public really has to fight to be heard an...
  • Highly recommend

    My trouble started with ego, overconfidence, and no small lapse in judgement. Not my finest moment, and now I was in trouble with a capital T. This kind of trouble was supposed to happen to "the other guy" - never to me. What was I thinking? What should I do? Anxiety- check. Overwhelming fear of ...
  • OUI

    Attorney Gardner was very well prepared when presenting my case. He is very professional and looked to by his colleagues as a resource for advice.
  • Oui representation

    Attorney Gardner did a wonderful job on my OUI case. He was able to have the refusal suspension vacated and the period I had served credited on the court suspension. He also eliminated the aggravated portion of the criminal charge, avoiding the jail term. I heartily recommend Attorney Gardner!
  • Highly recommend Scott Gardner as attorney to defend you in OUI cases

    I chose Attorney Scott Gardner to defend me in an OUI case (my first and hopefully only such case) after doing extensive online research on lawyers specializing in OUI defenses in the State of Maine, and after consulting a number of attorney friends. I am very glad that he represented me, and cou...
  • Highly recommend

    Attorney Gardner reviewed my case very carefully and understood my living situation and future goals before going after what was definitely the best possible outcome in my position. A very thoughtful and professional lawyer who put me at ease in and out of court, helping with my deferred disposit...
  • Look no further then Scott D Gardner

    Scott is an elite lawyer and the only lawyer I will use in the future. Scott did a great job explaining my options during our consultation And did an even better job in court executing and getting the results we wanted. In my case he reduced my misdemeanor charge to a simple six month filing peri...
  • Misdemeanor Case

    Scott Gardner is an excellent lawyer and a good guy. Throughout my case, Scott was helpful in assuaging my worries and explaining the legal process whenever I was needed help. He is experienced and well connected in the Southern Maine legal system. Because of his excellent work, my misdemeanor ca...
  • Scott Gardiner - Changing Lives

    The first time I spoke with my attorney on the phone he was knowledgeable, professional, and did not judge my character upon my offense. He handled my case with precision and expertise, leading to the outcome I had hoped for the seemed so out of reach, it was unbelievable to me when I got the dea...
  • Highly Recommend Scott Gardner

    I retained Scott Gardner to represent me in an OUI charge, a very traumatic experience for me. Mr. Gardner was very gentle, yet professional in his inquiry and in answering all of my questions. He and/or his Assistant, Sharon, returned phone calls or emails within 24 hours. And Sharon continuousl...
  • Excellent Attonery

    Fought tooth and nail on my reguard. Never had a single doubt in his ability to defend myself.
  • Friendly and Professional

    I got a letter in the mail from Scott Gardner about how he could help me with my case. I was so young and had no help from my parents, so scott accommodated me and made sure that I was aware of every step of the process. We got my felony dismissed and OUI dropped down to a Class E criminal offens...
  • Absolutely Astonishing

    I was facing an OUI, I had a semi-unique case and Mr. Gardner was able to not only BEAT the BMV hearing, but I also never had my license suspended; I did not get charged with OUI, and I can still work where I work. You will not be disappointed in hiring him. His guidance and help has changed my l...
  • Extremely Knowledgeable & Generous With Time

    Scott is an excellent lawyer. He has not personally represented me but I recently called into his office seeking representation for an OUI. Even though the location of the incident was too far out from him to be able to represent me he still took the time to help me and guide me through the proce...
  • Couldn't Ask for a Better Resolution

    I'm very happy with the representation Scott provided. He knows his way around the courts and was able to get a dismissal upon certain conditions. That was a home run in my book
  • Extremely positive experience

    I hired Scott Gardner in 2019 for matters relating to criminal charges and had only positive experiences with him, despite the less than pleasant circumstances. Although there were delays associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we finally secured a positive plea deal outcome 23 months later tha...