Driver's License Issues During OUI Process - Portland, Maine Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Work Licenses

Whether or not you are eligible for a work license while under suspension for an OUI offense, is somewhat complicated. Call me and we can talk about your specific situation. The general rule is that you are immediately eligible for a work-restricted license on a First Offense OUI administrative suspension. This is the suspension imposed by the Secretary of State. You will need to submit a petition to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles indicating details about your employment.

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Out of State Licenses

Maine has no power to suspend your license if you are from out-of-state. Maine can only suspend your operating privileges within Maine. However, if you receive a Notice of Suspension from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Maine will also send that same notice to your home State. Whether or not your home State takes action against your license based on that Notice, depends on the policy of your State's Department of Motor Vehicles. Some States will only suspend your license if there is a conviction for the OUI in Court. Other States will send you a Notice indicating that your home license will be suspended until the administrative suspension in Maine is cleared.

Getting Your License Back

If you are suspended for an alcohol related reason, then you will need to complete a substance abuse evaluation and perhaps follow-up treatment as required by the Maine Office of Substance Abuse in order to get your license back. This usually means completing the 20-hour Driver Education Evaluation Program course, which is run by the Office of Substance Abuse. These evaluation and treatment programs are held in numerous locations around Maine at fairly regular intervals. (see web site The Office of Substance Abuse does allow you to "waive" the DEEP course and proceed directly to substance abuse counseling with a certified substance abuse practitioner. In order to proceed directly to "continuation of treatment", the individual must sign a "statement of understanding" which maybe obtained from the Office of Substance Abuse. The Office of Substance Abuse phone number is (207) 626-8600.