DUI case

I was recently charged with a DUI in Maine. I found Scott online while searching for DUI lawyers. Once I contacted Scott, he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I decided to meet with him and could tell he was very dedicated to his work and was ready to take on my case. His communication with my wife and I was great and he was always flexible on when we could meet with him. As the case went on, Scott encouraged me to take a plea deal but I decided not to take what was offered. The reason why I did not take the plea deal was because the outcome of my case would highly effect my life due to the line of work that I am in and would like to get into in the future. Scott was aware of that and made me feel comfortable that he had that it mind throughout the case. Scott was confident going into the trial and was very organized. His confidence and knowledge of the laws showed during the trial. Within the trial, Scott was impressive with his points that he made and his cross examination skills were very strong. I ended up with a not guilty verdict and Scott was the one to thank for it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and my decision to choose Scott with a very stressful part of my life, I highly recommend him.

– Anonymous