Wife in DUI case

I want to start off with saying how amazing Scott was in my husband's trial for a DUI. As his wife, I was nervous and unfamiliar with the process of how to go about choosing a lawyer and how the case itself was going to go. Scott always made me feel comfortable and always made sure that my husband and I communicated with decisions that had to be made throughout the case. Scott also wanted to get to know us and made me feel that he really cared about the outcome of the trial. Scott encouraged my husband to take a plea deal, which was a good deal that Scott said he was even surprised about. My husband chose to stick with his gut and not take the plea deal. Again, Scott encouraged him to speak with me and make sure that was a good decision for us. Scott thought it was a better decision to go with the plea deal rather than go to trial, but he never made me feel as if he wouldn't go all in with the trial if that was the way we chose. Within the process, we met with Scott and he helped me to feel more comfortable and walk through what the trial would look like. On that day, Scott was confident in my husband's case, but never over confident or cocky. Scott checked in with me on the day of the trial and made sure I knew exactly what the process was and how I was feeling. I was very, very nervous on the day of the trial because I have never been in a court room before but Scott was there to ease my mind. Throughout the trial Scott was well spoken and impressive. He had a lot of great thoughts and points to touch upon while in the trial. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, I highly recommend Scott. I was very happy with the outcome of not guilty and cannot thank Scott enough for all of his hard work on my husband's case.

– Anonymous