Highly recommend

My trouble started with ego, overconfidence, and no small lapse in judgement. Not my finest moment, and now I was in trouble with a capital T. This kind of trouble was supposed to happen to "the other guy" - never to me. What was I thinking? What should I do? Anxiety- check. Overwhelming fear of what was to come- check. Everything I had worked for, everything I valued, was now in jeopardy. I felt adrift at sea, hope out of sight. But my problems are now in the past tense and not the subject of my writing; I'll save my story for the confessional. No, the subject of my writing is my attorney, Mr. Scott Gardner.
In a perfect world, your attorney knows the law well and has the experience to navigate through it fairly, for you and your best interests and for all involved. In a perfect world, your attorney would be an understanding and sensitive guide. In a perfect world, your attorney would care genuinely, listen without judgment, counsel wisely, and in a perfect world, your attorney would know the ditch I was in and would have the experience to help me out of it. I found these qualities and more in Scott Gardner.
Scott listens to your question with unwavering attention, as if yours is the most important question he will hear that day. He knows the answer to your question. He is patient. He is professional, and yet you feel like an old friend. He treats everyone with humility, respect, with gentle humor, and with a rare generosity of spirit. So capable is Scott, both in the courtroom and in preparation before he enters it, he was able to resolve my legal difficulties better than I could have hoped for, so that barely all that remains is the lesson I take from my mistake.
The world may not be, after all, perfect, but in our little corner of it, I have found someone who was perfect for me when I was in trouble. As steady and constant as the North Star, the world is a better place with Scott Gardner in it.

– Peter