Beyond Expectations

I recently hired Scott as my attorney for a OUI case in Cumberland County. As I had requested, my case was settled in a few months and the outcome was better than I thought was possible. I consulted other attorneys in the area, but they only told me of worst case scenario's and unbelievable high fees. Then I found Scott. He gave me reasonable expectations at a reasonable price. He told me what our approach would be, as well as what he thought would happen each step of the way. Well, he was right about the direction things would take, but he was wrong about the disposition was WAY better than he had originally suggested I could expect. The entire process was painless and he was there every step of the way. You can tell by seeing him in the courtroom that he is a respected member of the legal community and he has the ability to back up what he says. It's not that I would say that Scott Gardner is the best choice....I'm saying he should be your ONLY choice.

– Damien