Highly recommend Scott Gardner as attorney to defend you in OUI cases

I chose Attorney Scott Gardner to defend me in an OUI case (my first and hopefully only such case) after doing extensive online research on lawyers specializing in OUI defenses in the State of Maine, and after consulting a number of attorney friends. I am very glad that he represented me, and could not recommend him more highly. He is intelligent, compassionate, communicative, and resourceful. He is also a good listener and very attentive to details of police reports and medical records. In my case this was particularly important. I entered this situation with an exceedingly high blood alcohol test (~3.0) and a very unfavorable report on my behavior from the hospital I was taken to after my accident. So we started from a place that was quite unpromising, but as there were some anomalies in the tests and transcripts that Atty. Gardner was able to leverage to maximum advantage, I wound up with a result that was extremely good, considering the circumstances. Rather than having an OUI offense on my record, jail time, and a lengthy loss of driving privileges, I wound up with no jail time, a Driving to Endanger (DTE) charge, a 30-day license suspension, and a $500 fine. During the entire process, Atty. Gardner was extremely clear in providing me with information that made me feel secure and oriented as what was happening and what to anticipate regarding the legal process. He was also very reasonable and fair with regard to the payment process. Finally, and importantly, his incredibly reliable and well-informed legal assistant Sharon was an indispensable part of my experience being a good one.

– Anonymous