Out-of-State Licenses

Maine OUI Law Prosecution for Out-of-state Driver's and Licenses

Maine has no power to suspend your license if you are from out-of-state. Maine can only suspend your operating privileges within Maine. However, if you receive a Notice of Suspension from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Maine will also send that same notice to your home State. Whether or not your home State takes action against your license based on that Notice, depends on the policy of your State's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Some States will only suspend your license if there is a conviction for the OUI in Court. Other States will send you a Notice indicating that your home license will be suspended until the administrative suspension in Maine is cleared.

If you are convicted of the OUI in a Maine Court, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles will send Notice of that conviction to your home State. Your home State will then suspend your license for the First Offense DUI/DWI timeframe. Some States do give credit for the suspension time that has been imposed in Maine, other States do not. Hence, there is the possibility for a "double whammy" where you are suspended for a period of time in Maine, and then you are suspended by your home State for the Maine conviction.

If you are an out-of-state driver, it is important that we discuss the home State implications of any administrative or Court action in Maine. This may affect the strategy of how we proceed in your case.