Other Criminal Charges

Maine Lawyer for Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses and Drug Charges


To be charged with a crime alleging illegal sexual contact or a sexual assault is gravely serious. A conviction is a life altering event. The penalties at stake are some of the most serious we have in the Maine criminal statutes. From lengthy prison sentences to life time registration as a sex offender. A rigorous defense of any such allegations must be mounted immediately. If you believe you or a family member may be a suspect in such a crime, a consultation with an attorney is essential. Legal consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer is imperative before any statements are made to Department of Human Services investigators, or any law enforcement officer. These allegations should never be taken lightly and should be fought hard from day one. We need to meet. Now.


Crimes alleging violence against family members, especially female partners are vigorously prosecuted throughout Maine. Most of the County District Attorneys have specially assigned Prosecutors to handle these matters. An arrest based on an allegation of domestic violence is an immediate and shocking disruption to a family. Bail conditions usually prevent the Defendant from returning home or seeing his or her family. A conviction can lead to consequences that last a life time. For example, a life time ban on firearm ownership. An experienced criminal defense lawyer should be contacted immediately in order to deal with highly restrictive bail conditions, and begin the defense of the case. Maine Judges take these cases very seriously. Jail time and lengthy probation is common. A plan on how to deal with the criminal charges and begin the healing process within the family should be formulated right away. Call me. Let's talk about it.


Allegations of illegal drug possession or trafficking are some of the most complex to defend. There are a myriad of issues regarding the constitutionality of any search or seizure. There are often complicated issues relating to the personnel and procedures involved in the testing of alleged contraband. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is your best weapon to fight the possible serious consequences of a drug related conviction. These consequences can range from lengthy prison sentences in serious trafficking matters to ineligibility for student loans even in minor possession cases. Do not sit back and get rolled over. Talk to me.