Getting Your License Back

Get Your License Back with Maine's Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

If you are suspended for an alcohol related reason, then you will need to complete a substance abuse evaluation and perhaps follow-up treatment as required by the Maine Office of Substance. This usually means completing the 20-hour Driver Education Evaluation Program course, which is run by the Office of Substance. These evaluation and treatment programs are held in numerous locations around Maine at fairly regular intervals. (see web site The Office of Substance does allow you to "waive" the DEEP course and proceed directly to substance abuse counseling with a certified substance abuse practitioner. In order to proceed directly to "continuation of treatment", the individual must sign a "statement of understanding" which maybe obtained from the Office of Substance Abuse. The Office of Substance Abuse phone number is (207) 626-8600.

Obviously, you must complete the suspension time imposed by either the Secretary of State or the Court. Remember, you must complete your DEEP requirement prior to the expiration of the 90-day suspension imposed on a First Offense OUI. If you do not, you will be under suspension forever until the DEEP obligation is met.

The final step to getting your license or operating privileges restored in Maine is to pay a Thirty-Five Dollar ($35.00) reinstatement fee to the Secretary of State. Do not forget to pay this reinstatement fee. Failure to pay will prevent you from being restored.